Yoga I

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The Fourfold Yoga – Part I – An Introduction Yoga is derived from the word “Yuj” which means to unite. Union with Cosmic Creative Intelligence is the aim of Yoga. The Fourfold Yoga has been prescribed for Cosmic Union in Oriental Philosophies. They are 1. Union via Action ( Karma Yoga ) 2. Union via Psychic Control ( Raja Yoga ) 3. Union via Universal Love ( Bhakthi Yoga ) 4. Union via Wisdom ( Jnana Yoga ) Union via Action is for the person of active temparament. Union via Psychic Contro is for the person of adventurous temparament Union via Universal Love is for the person of emotional temparament. Union via Wisdom is for the person of intellectual temparament. These four paths are not different from one another. They are all part of the Fourfold Yoga. Certain qualities are to be inculcated in the seeker if he is to achieve the Ultimate Goal. Prajna has been defined as the discriminative intellect. When the intellect discriminates between the Real & the Unreal. The intellect which discriminates between Being and Non-Being. This quality should be incorporated by the Intellectual Man if he is to progress in the path of Jnana Yoga. Love is defined as the greatest of all the positive qualities of man. This quality is to be incorporated by the Emotional Man if he is to progress in the field of Bhakthi Yoga. Control of Mind or Psychic Control through Raja Yoga should be incorporated by the Adventurous Man if he is to progress in the field of Raja Yoga. Selfless Service should be incorporated by the Active Man if he is to progress in the field of Karma Yoga. In other words, since the Fourfold Yoga has been prescribed for mankind , all these four great qualities – Selfless service, love, psychic control & the discriminative intellect should be incorporated by the spiritual aspirant to develop in the field of Yoga. Yoga was defined by Aurobindo as a methodic process towards self-perfection through a development of the latent potential at the five levels of Being – physical, vital, mental, intellectual & spiritual. Normal man lives only in the first three sheaths – physical, vital & mental. Only when we use our hidden spiritual potential – the intellectual & the bliss sheaths – can be unfold our full mental potential. The Seven States of Consciousness Man lives in 3 relative states of Consciousnes- waking, dreaming & Dreamless sleep known in Sanskrit as Jagrata, Swapna & Sushupti. Now there is a Transcendental state of Consciousness known as the Fourth ( Tureeya ) & there are still higher states of Consciousness. These are the seven states

1 .Waking

2. Dreaming ( REM sleep )

3. Dreamless Sleep ( non- REM )

4. Transcendental Consciousness ( T C)

5. Cosmic Consciousness ( C C )

6. Glorified State of Cosmic Consciousness ( G C )

7. Unified State of Cosmic Consciousness ( U C )

In his Phd Thesis “The physiological effects of Transcendental Meditation, a Proposed Fourth Major state of Consciousness ” Dr Robert Keith Wallace proved the existence of a fourth major state of Consciousness ( T C ). Cosmic Consciousness is a state where TC & the 3 relative states coexist. More information about Transcendental Philosophy & Yoga can be had from The way to achieving Higher States of Consciousness- The Triune Meditation Meditation is threefold

1. Physical Meditation

2. Verbal Meditation

3. Mental Meditation.

Reverence to preceptors & Yogis, worhsip of one’s Tutelary Deity, observance of Continence, non-violence – all these constitute Physical Meditation. Speaking kind words and not hurting anyone, Observance of Truth, Self-Study ( serious study of the Self ) – all these constitute Verbal Meditation. Mental Meditation – Mental cheerfulness, humility, observance of Silence, mastery of the sense organs, purity of heart – all these constitute Mental Meditation. The aim of Nature is to effect Super-Nature and the aim of Yoga is Self_ Actualisation. The Goal of Life is Self-Realisation, and in order to unfold our true potential, we have to follow the Fourfold Path. He still keeps to the high & difficult road That sole leads to the Eternal’s peaks! Without Knowledge, without service, without psychic control & finally Love, who have ever realised his Self ? And what is prerequisite for this Self_Realisation ? Sacrifice ! Only by hard sacrifice is high heaven earned ( Aurobindo ). Attachment to the sensory world is Bondage. Sacrifice alone can give us Liberation or Self_Actualisation and the Ultimate Bliss. Earth’s pains are the ransom of its prisoned delights For Joy and not for sorrow was earth made ( Aurobindo ) By sacrifice, we become the Self_Actualising person of Abraham Maslow living in the widest possible frame of reference. He who to none and nowhere overbound By ties of flesh, takes evil things and good Neither desponding nor exulting such Bears Wisdom’s plainest mark ! ( The Song Celestial ) About the Land of Wisdom, extolled by Western scholars Walt Whitman said To India, to primal thought To Reason’s early paradise Of Wisdom’s birth and innocent intuitions Of a fair creation. Mark Twain said: ” India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition.” Will Durant said ” India is the mother of us all; through Sanskrit, the mother of Europe’s languages, through the Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity, through the Arabs, of higher mathematics & algebra; through the village community, of self-government and democracy. Mother India is, in many ways, the mother of us all”

Article by G Kumar, astrologer, academician & programmer of .He gives free tips at and you can subscribe to his Free Ezine

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Smart Financial Planning when Buying a Home

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I’ve made it a habit to always question everything. Whether I am making a decision or simply thinking, I look at the issue at hand from every potential angle that I can come up with. Which is why when I considered buying one of the kingwood luxury homes I recently came across on the Internet, I stopped and thought about my needs, about my nature, about where I wanted to live and where I could see myself in five to ten years. A lot of my friends make buying a home look easy. I can’t imagine how they make such an important decision with relative ease when there are so many factors to consider. It’s a financial decision of a lifetime, an investment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars that will possibly impact you for the rest of your adult life. I could never approach it in a frivolous way as they seem to do.

I believe it falls onto the fact that they are wholly dependent upon debt. They feel as if their credit cards and loans are some kind of magical, infinite source of income that will forever hold them safe. Never mind the fact that the housing debt crisis was only a few years ago and saw that people with similar philosophies lost their homes in droves. It’s a financial risk buying a home, especially so if there is a mortgage involved. A person has to know themselves intimately and be incredibly secure in their future in order to sign a twenty or thirty year mortgage. I myself can’t imagine what my life is going to be like in thirty years and I have to consider the possibility that buying a home may not be for me thanks to that uncertainty. There’s no shame in making smart financial decisions!

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Nice Houses for Sale in Blackfalds

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My wife and I are looking for a nice house to buy in somewhere kind of quiet and small. I think that we will try to look for blackfalds houses that are for sale at this point in time. We want to try to find a house that is for sale in Blackfalds first, because it is pretty quaint and we both decided that it would be a nice place to live. What is important is that is still close enough to where I work that I will be ale to make the commute without any serious difficulties.

I think that we are in the market for a three bedroom house, but a two bedroom house would work as well, if we can find a really good price on one. We only have one child at this point in time, and we are not really planning on having another one any time soon, if ever. As such, two bedrooms will be big enough for the foreseeable future. However, at the same time, we are both fond of the idea of having a guest room available, just in case people come to visit, or something like that.

I definitely want to find a house that is in a nice looking neighborhood, because I want my house to be surrounded by other houses that look nice. I think that is a good way to protect the value of your property. I am also hoping to purchase a decent amount of land with the house, if it does not cost me too much money. I am not sure what the property prices are like in the area, but I should probably look into that a bit. Hopefully, we will be able to find a house we both want to buy within the next couple of weeks.

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Purchase Weight Loss Supplements Like Garcinia Cambogia on Amazon

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Garcinia cambogia/ Kandis-malabar tamarindAre you looking for ways to alter your leisurely and unhealthy lifestyle? If so, it is not an easy task to accomplish. As you have lived many years of your life in a comfortable manner, it is not easy to change it in a short period of time. But, you have to make a forceful decision and stick to it. That is the only way you will alter your current chubby figure in to a fit and elegant one.

Products like garcinia cambogia on amazon can help you to alter your lifestyle in a short period of time. These all natural health supplements help you to burn excess fat at a much faster pace. This would help you to see the results of weight loss in a very short period of time. On the contrary, if you try to achieve weight loss on your own, it will take a longer route to see positive results. Thus, the chance of you losing interest in the venture and going back to your leisurely ways is a serious possibility. But, weight loss supplements can speed up the weight loss process. Thus, for every session of work outs, you will see better results. This would provide a positive energy for your accomplishment and thus persuade you to work out intensely to reach your peak shape.

Can you find weight loss supplements containing Garcinia Cambogia at reasonable rates? Yes, you can find them at very reasonable rates at Amazon and other retailers. But, money is not the sole criteria in choosing a weight loss supplement. The quality of the ingredients plays a very important part in the results gained from it. Thus, make sure that you are purchasing quality products with sufficient Garcinia Cambogia in them. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your time without the desired results.

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Finally a Neighborhood for My Family

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My family and I have seen our neighborhood gone downhill ever since the home owners association decided to disband. I don’t know if they were having problems collecting fees from people or what the situation was, but there were a lot of people that weren’t paying their fees anymore, because the economy had gotten so bad. We were looking at hawks landing homes for sale because there were so many great home values in the area. If I am going to own a house then I want to be able to buy in a neighborhood where the people keep their property maintained as well as I do. I was hoping that I was going to find another community, and I am really glad that I did. My kids would not have to move to different schools as they are all within the same district and this was a huge selling point to us.

We are going to look at a house that is right next door to my daughter’s best friend. While I am really glad that the house is so close to her, I imagine that they will try to do things like sneak out together in the middle of the night because they are such god friends and I could see them getting into all kinds of trouble together. Although I will say that it is a nice thought to think that my daughter and her best friend may be neighbors. This house is at the top of my list for where I want to move as the house has gorgeous marble counter tops and amazing wooden floors. There are people that can’t believe I want to move but they are not the ones that are tired of seeing their neighbors grass growing half as high as their house.

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When is It Time to Retire?

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Fort Lauderdale Map See map details From www.nahc.orgWhen the economy was bustling and there were a lot of people reporting that they had a lot of money in the retirement funds, my friends in their early thirties were reporting that they would be able to retire in their forties. When a lot of my friends started to realize that they lost most of their retirement money in the recession, it became evident that they had to start over. They could not buy the hollywood florida condos for sale that they wanted to have when they retired. People were saying that they were upset with the economy and that they could not believe they had lost all that money. I had nothing to save for retirement so I was not affected like they were. In fact, I did not have anything to lose during the recession. This kind of made me really sad to the fact that I had not thought about my future.

I know that my parents say they will not be able to retire until they are sixty five or a little bit older, they still have a few years left before they never have to work again. I think that my father will not be able to sit still while he is retired. He may say that he does not want to work again, and I believe him, but, I am afraid of the consequences of no having anything for retirement. During talks with friends, many of them are also in the same position that I am in and I am hoping that they will be able to start saving, too. Trust me, I will start to put all the money I can aside for my retirement and I am hoping that it won’t be too little too late, it is a goal of mine.

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Adventure Camp Company Avid4 Adventure Opens New East Bay, California Locations

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Avid4 Adventure has expanded into Berkeley and Oakland, California, offering adventure camps for kids Pre K – 7th grades. Outdoor sports camps teach Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Rock Climbing, and Stand Up Paddleboarding skills – all in one week!

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) April 15, 2014 Dave Secunda, former president of the Outdoor Industry Association, named CEO of the Year in 2000 and recipient of the Jim Rennee Outdoor Industry Leadership Award, is the Founder & President of Avid4 Adventure a summer camp offering authentic outdoor adventures that include Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddleboarding and much more! Avid4 Adventure day camps for Pre K 7th graders build outdoor skills, teamwork and self-confidence through adventure activities. In partnership with Outside Magazine, Avid4 Adventure offers the Outside Kids Scholarship Program because all kids should be able to enjoy a life outdoors! Check out Affiliate AD connected with Coral :Coral
Avid4 Adventure offers authentic adventure camps different from other outdoor camps. Our highly skilled and educated staff, our unique Keep Scanning More »

Check Out These General Insurance Tips Here!

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Keep contact information and copies of policies in safe locations. Having a paper folder with all your policies printed out in your home does no good if it is destroyed in fire or natural disaster. You should keep the company’s business cards safely in your wallet, as well as the policies in a fire- and water-proof safe somewhere hidden in your home.While running a business, big or small, all insurance options need to be covered. Most policies cover you for a wide range of risks, but if you have a certain type of risk that is not covered in that policy, you should look elsewhere or consider adding on another insurance policy that covers that specifically. Even if they’d be covered, don’t file small claims. If you don’t fix small things yourself, your premiums may jump later. Being claim-free for a long period of time can earn you discounts on your premiums at many insurance companies. You’ll pay less for the same coverage because you fixed the small problems yourself. Have an estimate done on your own. When you have to file a claim, make certain you use trustworthy sources for your estimates. Do not wait on Keep Scanning

Questions about the piano!?

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1. Does the piano and the keyboard sound different? 2. How much does a keyboard cost and 3. Is the piano difficult to learn?

Answer by Nathan1 . a piano is a large instrument that when you press down on a key it makes a small hammers inside to strike strings which make the note

a keyboard is a smaller instrument that when keys are pressed they create the note electronically in the sound of piano and other instruments

2. a keyboard can cost from really cheap to stupidly expensive depending on the quality you are going for

3. piano i would say is a 5/10 on difficulty. taught from a good teacher you can pick up how to play but through good practice, technically wise it takes a long time to develop good hand technique, knowning your theory.

my advice is that pianos are large instruments and can be very loud so keyboards are usually where people start learning how to play Is it just another name for a keyboard?
Oh and what is an acoustic keyboard/piano?

Answer by Mr. SmartypantsA digital piano is a digital keyboard Keep Scanning

Valuable Tips For You To Use To Begin Video Marketing

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Make videos on how to do things as a way of marketing. Ensure that these videos are complete and contain all the information your viewers need to know. Don’t try to sell a “how-to” in the video itself. If you can provide a service to the viewer, you will be seen as a more trustworthy business. Experienced video markets know the importance of promptly responding to comments. Usually, your viewers will have questions regarding whatever you are selling so it is best to answer them quickly. Take advantage of comments and use them to create an engaging dialogue with viewers and customers.Music should be used. Think about commercials you’ve seen and you’ll see that music adds interest to most videos. Look for music that is suitable, and work that into your video. The music will make the content more effective. This makes it easier on you too if you are camera shy.You now have a wider base of knowledge about video marketing. When you are comfortable with your capabilities, take things to the next level and begin publishing videos using the video marketing strategy you have outlined prior to this stage. Nothing can Keep Scanning

It’s Time To Make Things Easier By Reading This Article About Woodworking

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There are many options for you to express your creativity and skills without being a master woodworker when it comes to projects around your home. Looking around for modern ways to produce woodworking projects to enhance your home might be easier than you think. Use the tips above if you’re considering a woodwork project but you’re worried that you don’t have enough skill to undertake your project.Ear protection is vital when you begin a project. A wood shop can be extremely noisy. You don’t want to damage your hearing. Use headphones or ear plugs you can throw away. Whatever you go with, be sure you’re wearing them when using the loud machinery.When you are working with wood, safety must be the number one priority. Make sure that you always use tools properly and wear the proper safety equipment. Safety guards are on tools for a good reason and should never be removed. If you end up hurt, you won’t be able to work at all.Make planning something that takes as much time as the doing. Seriously, when you plan things out, you are less likely to make mistakes and your “doing” time will be a lot shorter. Some people Keep Scanning

World Allergy Organization Publishes 2013 Update of Sublingual Immunotherapy Position Paper

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WAO Sublingual Immunotherapy Update Contains New Evidence, Developments, and Recommendations
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Milwaukee, WI, USA (PRWEB) April 11, 2014 Delivery of immunotherapy by the sublingual route (SLIT) continues to be used in clinical practice in many European countries, and studies are underway in the United States. The World Allergy Organization (WAO) published the first position paper on sublingual immunotherapy in 2009 to identify the indications, contraindications, and practical aspects of the treatment.[1] WAO has now completed and published the 2013 update of the position paper.[2]
The paper presents guidelines for sublingual immunotherapy based on the World Health Organization (WHO) model of recommendations. In addition, the document defines unmet needs as identified by analysis of recent and ongoing clinical trials in sublingual immunotherapy, and it makes recommendations for the methodology of future clinical trials worldwide.
Chairpersons Giorgio Walter Canonica, MD, Linda Cox, MD, and Ruby Pawankar, MD, Keep Scanning

Get Tips That Could Help You In Selling Real Estate

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Anyone expecting to sell professional buildings, office space or retail sites are advised to get help from experienced professionals, such as commercial agents specializing in whatever the specific listed property is. You can be dealing with a retail location, general purpose office space, or a restaurant. These specialists are more likely to know people or organizations who want to buy certain types of property.When you are selling you house, after having an open house it could be very useful if you got feedback. You can put out a feedback form for written responses, or simply ask as they leave. Pay particular attention to the negative comments, which are the most helpful. These can tell you what you need to do to make your home more attractive.You can increase the desirability of your home by revamping your basement. It may be possible to finish a basement space for just $5,000, and add a desirable media room. The addition of a den can not only increase the sales price of your home, but can also increase buyer’s interest.When staging a home, pay attention to the grooming of trees and plants on your property. Keep Scanning

Blue Man Group

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Blue Man Group
Event on 2014-04-11 13:00:00
If you've ever seen the Blue Man Group and thought, "that looks like fun", well here's the chance you've been waiting for. Chicago's Blue Man Group is looking for more blue men, and they're holding an open casting call Tuesday.
Random Commercial Link on the subject of Casinoluck :Casinoluck
at Briar Street Theatre
3133 N Halsted Street
Chicago, United States

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Top notch 3 Techniques – Don’t Let Back Pain Get You Down

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You should never turn the other cheek towards your back pain. Some people refuse to pay attention to the painful warnings their bodies send them. A lot of people try their best to ignore the pain in their back. If you move around too much during these painful episodes you can make the situation worse. You should back off and take it easy, and listen to the signals your body is sending.Many pregnant women experience a great deal of back pain. The weight that the baby puts on the mother’s front side causes her body to lean forward, and that puts strain on her lower back. Massage therapy and warm baths can work wonders to decrease lower back pain. Be certain your diet is healthy and nutritious and includes eight good glasses of daily water. Eating a well-balanced diet and getting enough water can really prevent back pain and facilitate healing. In addition to the ability of nutritious liquids and nutrients to thwart the advance of back pain, you will also benefit from lower body weight that eases pressure on back muscles.Don’t slouch when performing household chores like vacuuming. When you slouch as you vacuum, Keep Scanning

Garmin fenix 2 Best All-Around GPS Watch, Says HRWC

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Garmin fenix 2 has been named the best all-around GPS watch for outdoor sports by the testers at the Heart Rate Watch Company.

Bozeman, MT (PRWEB) April 11, 2014 fenix 2 has been named the best all-around GPS watch by the testers at the Heart Rate Watch Company for 2014.
“Ive used this watch for several weeks now and it is the real deal”, says Rusty Squire, President of the Heart Rate Watch Company. “Ive used it skiing, hiking, cycling and for all around performance this watch is tough to beat, plus its navigation capabilities are second to none in wrist top units”.
Do It All Watch
“I still feel the Garmin 910XT is better for triathlon because of the quick release band and quick multisport interface”, says Squire. He adds, “The fenix 2 is the watch for people that want rugged, do tons of different sports and want great data for them all”.
Very Unique Running Features
“Only two watches in the world can measure stride bounce and ground contact time, the Garmin 620 and the Garmin fenix 2″, says Squire. He adds, “These two watches are in a league of their own and can do cadence Keep Scanning

Las Vegas Live Comedy Club

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Las Vegas Live Comedy Club
Event on 2014-04-11 21:00:00
Las Vegas has a new home for the Best Comedy in the Country. "Las Vegas Live" Comedy Club will bring together a cross section of best comedians from NY, Chicago, Boston, L.A., and Las Vegas. Make this Vegas show one of the top things to do on your Vegas trip, and come see comedy aces from HBO, SHOWTIME, and COMEDY CENTRAL "live" on our stage.
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at V Theater at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas
3570 S Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, United States Keep Scanning

Improve Your Handicap With These Special Techniques

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If you’re going to be a golfer, take the time to learn how to properly fill out a scorecard. Your score is what is usually used to judge your ability as a player. Count each time you hit the ball, call it a stroke, and add the times it takes to get it in the hole! The goal is to minimize the number of strokes it takes you to get the ball into the hole. Make sure you clean your golf ball before every tee shot and putt. Having a clean ball will let the dimples do their job on your drives, providing maximum distance and accuracy, while a clean ball for putts ensures that your ball will roll true to the cup instead of bouncing around.Try competing for a reward for a little added excitement! The reward could be a round of drinks, lunch, or even wagering based on each putt rather than the whole ending score. The prize doesn’t need to be valuable, it’s really just there to make your usual weekend game a little more fun. Keep the same position for every shot, even though some might disagree. This will help to improve the consistency of your game. For added loft, drag your trailing foot forward while maintaining the Keep Scanning

New York Based Tarot Reader Aims to Expand Tarot Reading Classes

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Elizabeth Palladino, founder of New York Intuitive Tarot Classes, is seeking funding to grow her Tarot instruction and reading business.

Bronx, NY (PRWEB) April 11, 2014 One of the most prominent Tarot reading gurus, Elizabeth Palladino is reaching out to Indiegogo visitors for funding in order to take her intuitive Tarot reading classes to the next level. Random AD on the subject of Roxy Palace :Roxy Palace
For the past thirty-five years, Palladino has been involved in Tarot reading and seems to be an expert in the field. In 2002, Palladino came under the wing of renowned Tarot instructors Wald and Ruth Ann Amberstone of The Tarot School. By 2003, Palladino had already become a professional Tarot card reader and pursued this as a part-time gig while working at the H.W Wilson Publishing Company. It was not until she was laid off in 2009, that Palladino decided to start teaching her much valued skill of Tarot reading.
Currently Palladino relies on to provide her Tarot reading classes, however she wishes to raise funds to cover expenses that have incurred from teaching her classes. Keep Scanning

Just what ! ! ! – Strengthen Your Memory With This Great Advice

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Remembering things will be easier if you make associations with a song or humorous phrase. Utilizing humorous elements in order to enliven the information will help you remember it down the road.Use associations to remember things. For instance, use mnemonic devices. Using a word to relate to a memory is a great trick to “seal” in the memory. If you associate a word or thing with something with which you have familiarity, you will tend to remember it easier. Some common mnemonic devices involve the use of songs, acronyms and clever rhymes to make it easier to remember information.Include fatty Omega-3 acids into your diet to help boost memory capabilities. The brain is made of approximately 60 percent omega-3 fatty acids. Foods that contain this important nutrient have been shown to improve memory. Think about including fish in your diet, particularly salmon. To keep your brain functioning at its best, try taking fish oil supplements. Fish oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help improve memory. Proper dosage is important, though, so ask your doctor before you start taking a new supplement.Do not try Keep Scanning

HR.coms Inaugural Interactive Legal and Compliance Excellence Essentials ePublication is Online

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This issue, the newest themed epublication in the Excellence Essentials collection, is online now and provides content on the latest HR regulations, solutions, tips and best practices in Legal and Compliance programs.

Aurora, Ontario, Canada (PRWEB) April 11, 2014 The largest global human resources (HR) network of shared resources,, has developed the newest online publication, Legal and Compliance Excellence Essentials, from thirty years of articles collected by top thought leaders and human resources experts.
The inaugural issue is now online and interactive. Legal and Compliance Excellence Essentials includes the latest content in the area of HR compliance programs and legal considerations and restrictions. Read now!
This months issue features the following articles:
“Keep it Legal!” by Angela Preston
“Directors, Culture & Corporate Compliance” by Earl “Chip” Jones & Amy Mendenhall
“Workplace Bullying” by Beth P. Zoller
“Employers Beware! New 2014 California Employment Laws” by Brian S. Inamine
“Retirement Plan Governance” by Robb R. Smith
“Employer Keep Scanning

Handle Your Stress Better With These Simple Tips

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Understand that it is okay to say no. Agreeing to everyone all the time is something that will make your life stressful in the long run. Learn when it’s okay to say yes, and when you should say no. Keep in mind that you’re doing the best thing for you, and that’s what’s important. Exercising is an excellent way to deal with stress and alleviate it. You can do something as easy as taking a power-walk or a jog. The reason for this is that when you exercise, your body creates endorphins. Endorphins can help you relax. Exercising also stimulates the body to remove the toxins it contains, and those could also be responsible for some of your stress.When you feel stressed or tense, firmly squeeze a stress ball. Just doing this physical act will work to release any tightness that you have from stress. This helps your muscles relax from a tense state. Stress balls are portable enough to take with you so that you can use them when you have to release frustration. Video games are a wonderful form of reducing stress. When you’re playing a video game, you are focused on it and no other thoughts consume your mind. It can Keep Scanning

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: south hangar panorama, including B-29 Superfortress “Enola Gay”, Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat, among others

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A handful Handy b Illustrations or photos Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: south hangar panorama, including B-29 Superfortress “Enola Gay”, Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat, among others

Image by Chris Devers
See more photos of this, and the Wikipedia article.

Details, quoting from Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum: Steven F. Udvar-Hazy | Boeing B-29 Superfortress "Enola Gay":

Boeings B-29 Superfortress was the most sophisticated propeller-driven bomber of World War II and the first bomber to house its crew in pressurized compartments. Although designed to fight in the European theater, the B-29 found its niche on the other side of the globe. In the Pacific, B-29s delivered a variety of aerial weapons: conventional bombs, incendiary bombs, mines, and two nuclear weapons.

On August 6, 1945, this Martin-built B-29-45-MO dropped the first atomic weapon used in combat on Hiroshima, Japan. Three days later, Bockscar (on display at the U.S. Air Force Museum near Dayton, Ohio) dropped a second atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan. Keep Scanning

Look at this Content page – The Best Fashion Advice In The World

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Spend some time online and you can learn about the new trends of each season. When you do your fair share of research, you are going to ensure that you are dressed correctly for any occasion that arises for you when the time of season comes.The upcoming trend is for quilted fabrics. This fabric is being used in all sorts of clothes, including jackets, blouses and skirts. Don’t choose items which are extremely loose or they will make you look chubby.Did you know that drinking more filtered water can actually help you to prevent dry, cracked nails and cuticles? Hydration is the most important key to preventing your cuticles and nails from become overly dry. Since the air in winter time is normally dry and cold, it is important you keep yourself hydrated. Use shea butter to moisturize your cuticles a couple times daily. Also, put shea butter on your hands, or another heavy cream, and put on cotton gloves as you sleep.This winter, the fashion trend to watch for is quilted fabric. Many article of clothing use this fabric, such as jackets and skirts. Be careful to avoid a size that is too large because quilted fabric Keep Scanning

Million Dollar Quartet

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Million Dollar Quartet
Event on 2014-04-11 20:00:00
Event Details: MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET is the new smash-hit musical inspired by the famed recording session that brought together rock 'n' roll icons Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins for the first and only time. On December 4, 1956, these four young musicians gathered at Sun Records in Memphis for what would be one of the greatest jam sessions ever. MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET brings that legendary night to life, featuring a score of rock hits including "Blue Suede Shoes," "Fever," "That's All Right," "Sixteen Tons," "Great Balls of Fire," "Walk the Line," "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On," "Who Do You Love?," "Matchbox," "Folsom Prison Blues," "Hound Dog" and more. This thrilling musical brings you inside the recording studio with four major talents who came together as a red-hot rock 'n' roll band for one unforgettable night. Don't miss your chance to be a fly on the wall of fame… Keep Scanning

Absolutely nothing solid – Need Fishing Tips? Read This Helpful Article

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Practice makes perfect if you want to be a fly fisherman. If you want to cast a rod correctly, you must put in many practice hours. However, as time passes, you will find you are much more accurate in the landing of your flies.When fishing for bass, the critical thing is the lure. Many factors come into play when choosing a lure. Depending on what season it is and where the fish are located, you will need a different type of bait to lure them in. Each lure has a specific purpose and is used for a specific location and type of fish. It generally takes a bit of time and a learning curve to find the lure that is just right. When fishing on a boat, keep the boat’s floor as clean and uncluttered as possible. However, slipping in a wet boat can be especially dangerous with all of the sharp tools, and the risk of falling overboard. To dry the floor, use a towel or a mop.If you’re fishing with live bait, you should be sure to keep it cool. When sitting out in the sun, bait can often get hot, and the heat the fish will feel will make them less likely to take a bite. If you’re using herring, for example, you’ll want to Keep Scanning

Best How to Read a Man: Review Exposes Mark Scotts Guide for Women to Take Control of Relationships

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Shane Michaels releases a review of How to Read a Man, a guide created by Mark Scott to help women understand the inner psyche of men in relationships.
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Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) April 11, 2014 How to Read a Man, Mark Scotts latest guide created for women to help them better understand the way men think, giving them ability to influence how the men in their life think and act has caught the attention of Shane Michaels, prompting an investigative review.
Watch this video by Scott to learn more.
Most problems in relationships come from the basic misunderstandings between men and women because their brands are just simply wired differently, reports Michaels. This guide gives women everything they need to know about how guys think, feel and act. It tells them what not to do and say, and also the right things to do and say that will make them irresistibly attractive to the men in their lives.
Mark Scott created the How to Read a Man guide based on his years of experience with helping men overcome confidence and image issues in relationships. Keep Scanning

Without a doubt nothing good – Organic Gardening Tips That Will Help You Get A Better Garden!

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Mix onion, garlic, and chives to water, and spray your plants to get rid of pests. Mix chopped garlic, chives and onions into half a cup of water, and then place it in a spray bottle. Organic gardening produces super-healthy fruits and veggies that are free of pesticides. In addition, this product is delicious, while also staying healthier than those fruits and veggies found in a regular supermarket. So save yourself some money and grow produce from your own garden! Keep reading to learn how to grow organic fruits and vegetables at home.Create a mixture containing one cup of milk for every six cups of water to spray on your plants. This can prevent the powdery mildew that ruins plants. You can hold the solution in the refrigerator for a maximum of three weeks. It’s safe for daily use until you have the mildew under control. Once your seeds have germinated they will not need to be kept as warm as before. To ensure that your plants do not suffer shock, start eliminating the use of a heat source. Additionally, remove any plastic films that were on your containers. This will keep out warmth and humidity. Watch the Keep Scanning

Horse Training Success Review | Discover Phil Tragears Methods For Training Horses Easily Vinamy

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Horse Training Success designed by Phil Tragear is the latest program for horse owners who want to learn how to deal with horse behavior problems. A full review on the site indicates if it is worth buying.

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Seattle, Wa (PRWEB) April 11, 2014 Horse Training Success is the latest program for horse owners who want to learn how to eliminate any bad habit or misbehavior from their horse. This program teaches people how to train a horse, how to solve horse problems, and how to get a co-operative horse. In addition, in this program, people will discover what to do if a horse bolts, and how to deal with a food-mad horse. Furthermore, this program is made by Phil Tragear, a master horse trainer who has over 20 years of experience in the horse racing industry. Since Phil Tragear released the Horse Training Success program, many people have used it to find the best way to get a wonderfully obedient horse. Accordingly, Ron Wisner performed a full Horse Training Success review that points out whether it is a good product.
The review Keep Scanning

So, what ! ! – Need Advice On Organic Gardening? Read On

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Strawberries are a good organic garden choice for families with strawberries, particularly everbearing strawberries. Strawberries are a favorite of children due to their sweetness. And since they’re so easy and fun to pick, it’s also a healthy, productive, safe activity that children can assist adults with. If you would like to create a garden that is organic, it is vital you understand how to correctly make beds. To begin, slice with a space under the turf. With the turf placed outside, cover the scalped area with fine wood chips. Let it set a few weeks and then cut in it, then you plant.Try to work as efficiently as possible when gardening. Don’t spend 30 minutes searching for a tool. Prepare all of your tools prior to working in the garden, and then put them away neatly when finished. Get a tool belt if you need to, or a pair of pants with a lot of pockets. Your garden can greatly benefit from the use of companion plants. Certain varieties of plants can actually help other plants grow when they are planted nearby. These plants will help make the soil rich in nutrients and keep pests away, which will reduce Keep Scanning

Edmonton-based Pacesetter Homes Earns Best Single Family Home in the $250,000 to $300,000 Category at the 2014 CHBA – Alberta Awards of Excellence in Housing

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Pacesetter Homes an Edmonton, AB homebuilder hits another milestone with a full suite of awards. The entry-level Lexi B from Pacesetter won the Best Single Family Home in the 0,000 to 0,000 category. The Lexi B has proven to be popular with young families, empty nesters and people from all walks of life who are looking for an affordable new home in an Edmonton community. Support This Blog By Visiting Marketing Campaign with respect to Playtech -Playtech

Edmonton, AB (PRWEB) March 31, 2014 Pacesetter Homes an Edmonton, AB homebuilder hits another milestone with a full suite of awards.
The entry-level Lexi B from Pacesetter won the Best Single Family Home in the $ 250,000 to $ 300,000 category. The Lexi B has proven to be popular with young families, empty nesters and people from all walks of life who are looking for an affordable new home in an Edmonton community. This award confirms what many purchasers have already seen: that great design coupled with good finishing products and quality craftsmanship creates a near-perfect entry level home.
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(ISC)2 officials, sponsors, and others will honor the 2014 GISLA recipients at a gala dinner and awards ceremony being held on June 3, 2014, in conjunction with (ISC)2s CyberSecureGov conference in Arlington, VA.

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) March 17, 2014 (ISC)2 (ISC-squared), the largest not-for-profit membership body of certified information and software security professionals with nearly 100,000 members worldwide, today announced it is now accepting nominations for its 2014 U.S. Government Information Security Leadership Awards (GISLA). (ISC)2 officials, sponsors, and others will honor the 2014 GISLA recipients at a gala dinner and awards ceremony being held on June 3, 2014, in conjunction with (ISC)2s CyberSecureGov conference in Arlington, Va.
The GISLA program, which is sponsored by the (ISC)2 U.S. Government Advisory Board (GAB), was established in 2004 as part of (ISC)2s effort to recognize federal information security leaders whose commitment to excellence is helping to improve federal information security and to advance an in-demand workforce. Awards are given in several categories to recognize Keep Scanning

How To Use Your Ipad Effectively And Efficiently

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In the hands of a skilled user, an iPad is a powerful, revolutionary device. The key, however, is to spend a bit of time learning about all of its abilities and features. Keep reading and you can use your iPad to its full potential.Your calendar will not let you move from day-to-day with just a swipe. Select the date you want to see by using the navigation bar instead. The present date is rendered in blue, and easily noticeable.It can be far simpler to transmit messages by familiarizing yourself with certain shortcuts. Try pushing the space bar two times when you are writing something. A period and then a space will be added in. This will allow you to do it automatically, so you have more free time to speak with whoever you’re talking to.Many people struggle to type on tablets, but it gets easier over time. You can dictate your speech through a button on your iPad. Depress the Home button two times, then touch the microphone icon. When you finish talking, press the icon button again and you will see your words appear as text. Shortcuts are a great feature to install to save time and reduce stress. If you double Keep Scanning

SecurEnvoy facilitates remote working for staff at city councils and municipal authorities

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Tokenless two-factor authentication for public authorities

(PRWEB UK) 17 March 2014 From law enforcement officials to highway surveyors staff at public authorities often work away from the office. As a result, they need to access city or municipal networks remotely in order to document their assignments. Employees at many such authorities log in via two-factor authentication and identify themselves using dedicated hardware tokens. However, with this approach, the procurement and maintenance costs relating to the tokens can rapidly escalate. An alternative is offered by the manufacturer SecurEnvoy, which has developed a tokenless two-factor authentication method. With this, staff working remotely can easily and efficiently log into networks using devices such as smartphones.
Traditional tokens, such as smart cards, are used in addition to login details in order to provide access authorisation in many companies and organisations. However, the implementation of such methods is often lengthy and replacing defective tokens can become expensive. SecurEnvoy enables companies and organisations to make use Keep Scanning

Really ? ? – Tips, Tricks, And Advice For Your Next Camping Trip

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Follow proper safety procedures when camping. Stay away from all large animals and most small ones as well. Smaller animals, like squirrels, can be more dangerous than their tiny size indicates. It shouldn’t need to be said, but do not give bears food if you encounter them. Charge your cellular phone to maximum capacity before you leave on your trip. As an added safety precaution, you may wish to bring an additional battery so you have plenty of power. Your phone could be the most important equipment you have in an emergency. It is important to be prepared while camping. You should bring your sleeping bag, plus some extra blankets. This is useful for nights where the temperature gets too cold or as extra padding when sleeping on hard ground.Make sure that your packing includes more than enough clothes and food. It makes sense to have extra supplies on hand in case of emergency. You need to be able to cope with any unexpected situation, such as bad weather or delayed departures. Come prepared for everything when you’re preparing to camp. Anything can happen while camping so it is crucial to be prepared. Weather Keep Scanning