Plumber for a Flooded Basement

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I have a problem in that my basement is currently flooding and I need to hire someone to come help out and fix this problem before the situation gets much worse than it is at the moment. I am looking for info on flood control in chicago and plumbing companies that specialize in this sort of thing. It seems like it would be a lot easier to find a plumber to fix the problem in areas that experience flooding more often, but this is the first time that this has ever happened to me, so I don’t know how prevalent such problems are in the area. But I really guess I will find out, and now that I think about it, the city is fairly large, so I guess that ups the frequency of such issues in the area.

I just want to get this taken care of though. My wife is crying right now, because she is worried that the flooding is going to ruin a lot of our stuff, but I have been pretty careful in removing as much as I can from the spread of the water. However, there were some things that were already ruined by the time that I realized that the place was flooding. But there is not that much that could have been done about that stuff. I just hope that my home owner’s insurance will cover the replacement of all of that stuff. But I do not really know if they cover floods or not. I might have a separate policy for that. It seems like I would remember if I did, but it has been a long time since I have had to deal with anything like that. So I guess I will start by looking through my records, once I get a plumber.

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Why I Had to File Bankruptcy

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I felt like such a failure for not being able to pay my bills, and I tried for the longest time to hold on to everything. I was on a sinking ship though, and I knew that I had very few options left. I could not work any more hours during the week, as I was already holding down two jobs while taking care of my daughter. I was ashamed when I decided to contact a bankruptcy lawyer in South Bend Indiana, but I really had no other options available to me. I knew I had to swallow my pride and do this before I lost our home because of unfortunate circumstances.

I took my time looking for the right bankruptcy lawyer for a couple of reasons. The first is because I knew I could not afford to pay anyone a lot of money. I had to find a lawyer who understood that people filing for bankruptcy cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars to do so. The second reason is because I know there are different types of bankruptcies, so I wanted to make sure I hired a lawyer who specializes in bankruptcies. I didn’t want to waste my money by having a lawyer do something that I could easily do myself.

When I first met the lawyer I hired, I was put at ease right away. He explained that there is no shame when life throws lemons at us, and that is exactly what happened to me. It was not that I was careless with financial matters. I got sick, and I missed nearly three months of work. I went through my savings, and I just could not recover from it. Thanks to this law firm though, I was able to file bankruptcy while keeping my dignity. It feels so great to be back on track again.

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A New Way of Looking

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I’ve recently had the pleasure of moving to Australia from my native United States and so far it has been one of the most pleasing experiences that I’ve had in my young life. I hadn’t thought that it would be so very easy to begin fitting in but nearly everyone that I’ve met has been so incredibly kind and welcoming. It’s so much like being back home here in Sydney but with an entirely unique frame of reference. Already I’ve begun browsing home decor online in Australia to begin transforming my home into a comfortable space that will reflect my new energy.

Until moving to Australia I was feeling rather down and out. I can’t subscribe a single reason as to why I had been so morose for months at a time but my energy levers were suffering something bad. A friend of mine must have noticed because she told me about this amazing job opportunity here which I clearly was eager to snatch up. I didn’t even think about it. A part of me must have known how desperately I needed a change of scenery and a new way of thinking about my life and life in general.

I love it. The weather here is exactly what I would in a place. I can’t abide by winter – every winter I would grow incredibly depressed which had been having a huge impact on the quality of my life. Once spring or summer would roll around I was so listless that it was incredibly difficult for me to find the desire or motivation to do anything. Now? It’s all changed; winter is just a fancy here in Australia and while it might rain quite a bit during the monsoon season I’d rather deal with floods than blizzards. I’ll never have to be cold again.

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Unique and Elegant Wine Glasses

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I have never been the type to give a generic gift. One of the reasons why my friends and family look forward to the gifts I give is because I put a lot of thought into each one. I would rather spend days or even weeks looking for the perfect gift rather than buying a cheap boxed gift that will collect dust in someone’s closet. For my daughter and her new husband, I wanted to give them a set of hand painted wine glasses for one of their Christmas gifts.

They do not drink a lot of wine, but they do enjoy a glass now and again. The last time I was at their house, they were using cheap dollar store glasses for the wine. I didn’t comment on it then, but I knew that I was going to find them a set of glasses that are as unique as they are. I thought it was going to take me a while to find them something that is perfect for them, but it actually only took a few minutes to find a company that offers exactly what I was looking for.

Though there were a lot of different designs that I really liked, I knew that the hand painted grapes on a clear glass were perfect for them. The glass itself is elegant even without the design, but the artwork on them takes them to an entirely new level. I thought they would be more expensive than what they are since they are hand painted, so I was happy about the price too. I placed my order, and it did not take long to get to me. I so want to give them the glasses right now, but I am going to hold out until Christmas. I know they are going to like them just as much as I do!

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Great Deals on Just What I Needed

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Your website was very helpful in finding great logo clothes and socks for my son’s soccer team. I guess you can say I am a traditional soccer mom and during the fall I am at the soccer field almost every weekend, since both of my son’s are soccer players. This year the team asked me to help with changing the uniforms to a different style and color. At first I was just going to use the same person they normally used, but when I went to contact them they had gone out of business, another tragic story of a bad economy.So I went online and started to look for an online vendor and that is when I found your website.

I was very excited about all of the styles you had, and thanks to how easy your website was to work with I was able to put together an entire soccer uniform for both teams all the way down to their socks. I was able to show the coach and the players and they were so excited about what it was going to look like. Within a couple weeks after I placed the order the uniforms arrived, and all of the kids loved them.I was so happy with quality of fabric too, and the great prices that you were offering you never really know how great they would be until you actually have them in your hands. Ever since I ordered the new uniforms a few parents of other teams have come up to me wanting to know where we got our new uniforms. I am pretty sure they have bought new uniforms through your website because I have noticed all of the other teams players uniforms are looking new and fresh from their uniforms all the way down to their designer socks.

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Learning How to Do Pairs Trading in the Stock Market Was Fun

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I got bored with financial planning. That is not a good thing. If you let your money sit for just six months without reviewing how it is performing or looking for the best returns, you can be losing money. I am not talking about your long term investments that need to sit for years such as bonds and mutual funds. I am talking about your shorter term higher risk investments. One thing that got me excited enough to have more of a hands on approach to investing was at Pairs trading is kind of fun for the experienced investor.
I actually had some money that was given to me at my last two birthdays.
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My Friends Know About the Good Deals

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My friends always seem to know about the best sites for deals before I do. They knew about this site where you can find home insurance deals before I did, and they had been paying for lower insurances rates for at least half a year. I was pretty mad at them for not telling me, but eventually I got over it. I wasn’t going to be the last one to find out about another site or deal, so I asked them if they knew about anything. They said that heard about a deal that people could get on their cell phone bills, but they hadn’t tried it yet. I volunteered to be the first one to try it.
I had been paying for an expensive insurance plan the same way I was paying for a high priced insurance plan. My plan only gave me so many minutes and a limited amount of data.
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Yoga I

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The Fourfold Yoga – Part I – An Introduction Yoga is derived from the word “Yuj” which means to unite. Union with Cosmic Creative Intelligence is the aim of Yoga. The Fourfold Yoga has been prescribed for Cosmic Union in Oriental Philosophies. They are 1. Union via Action ( Karma Yoga ) 2. Union via Psychic Control ( Raja Yoga ) 3. Union via Universal Love ( Bhakthi Yoga ) 4. Union via Wisdom ( Jnana Yoga ) Union via Action is for the person of active temparament. Union via Psychic Contro is for the person of adventurous temparament Union via Universal Love is for the person of emotional temparament. Union via Wisdom is for the person of intellectual temparament. These four paths are not different from one another. They are all part of the Fourfold Yoga. Certain qualities are to be inculcated in the seeker if he is to achieve the Ultimate Goal. Prajna has been defined as the discriminative intellect. When the intellect discriminates between the Real & the Unreal. The intellect which discriminates between Being and Non-Being. This quality should be incorporated by the Intellectual Man if he is to progress in the path of Jnana Yoga. Love is defined as the greatest of all the positive qualities of man. This quality is to be incorporated by the Emotional Man if he is to progress in the field of Bhakthi Yoga. Control of Mind or Psychic Control through Raja Yoga should be incorporated by the Adventurous Man if he is to progress in the field of Raja Yoga. Selfless Service should be incorporated by the Active Man if he is to progress in the field of Karma Yoga. In other words, since the Fourfold Yoga has been prescribed for mankind , all these four great qualities – Selfless service, love, psychic control & the discriminative intellect should be incorporated by the spiritual aspirant to develop in the field of Yoga. Yoga was defined by Aurobindo as a methodic process towards self-perfection through a development of the latent potential at the five levels of Being – physical, vital, mental, intellectual & spiritual. Normal man lives only in the first three sheaths – physical, vital & mental. Only when we use our hidden spiritual potential – the intellectual & the bliss sheaths – can be unfold our full mental potential. The Seven States of Consciousness Man lives in 3 relative states of Consciousnes- waking, dreaming & Dreamless sleep known in Sanskrit as Jagrata, Swapna & Sushupti. Now there is a Transcendental state of Consciousness known as the Fourth ( Tureeya ) & there are still higher states of Consciousness. These are the seven states

1 .Waking

2. Dreaming ( REM sleep )

3. Dreamless Sleep ( non- REM )

4. Transcendental Consciousness ( T C)

5. Cosmic Consciousness ( C C )

6. Glorified State of Cosmic Consciousness ( G C )

7. Unified State of Cosmic Consciousness ( U C )

In his Phd Thesis “The physiological effects of Transcendental Meditation, a Proposed Fourth Major state of Consciousness ” Dr Robert Keith Wallace proved the existence of a fourth major state of Consciousness ( T C ). Cosmic Consciousness is a state where TC & the 3 relative states coexist. More information about Transcendental Philosophy & Yoga can be had from The way to achieving Higher States of Consciousness- The Triune Meditation Meditation is threefold

1. Physical Meditation

2. Verbal Meditation

3. Mental Meditation.

Reverence to preceptors & Yogis, worhsip of one’s Tutelary Deity, observance of Continence, non-violence – all these constitute Physical Meditation. Speaking kind words and not hurting anyone, Observance of Truth, Self-Study ( serious study of the Self ) – all these constitute Verbal Meditation. Mental Meditation – Mental cheerfulness, humility, observance of Silence, mastery of the sense organs, purity of heart – all these constitute Mental Meditation. The aim of Nature is to effect Super-Nature and the aim of Yoga is Self_ Actualisation. The Goal of Life is Self-Realisation, and in order to unfold our true potential, we have to follow the Fourfold Path. He still keeps to the high & difficult road That sole leads to the Eternal’s peaks! Without Knowledge, without service, without psychic control & finally Love, who have ever realised his Self ? And what is prerequisite for this Self_Realisation ? Sacrifice ! Only by hard sacrifice is high heaven earned ( Aurobindo ). Attachment to the sensory world is Bondage. Sacrifice alone can give us Liberation or Self_Actualisation and the Ultimate Bliss. Earth’s pains are the ransom of its prisoned delights For Joy and not for sorrow was earth made ( Aurobindo ) By sacrifice, we become the Self_Actualising person of Abraham Maslow living in the widest possible frame of reference. He who to none and nowhere overbound By ties of flesh, takes evil things and good Neither desponding nor exulting such Bears Wisdom’s plainest mark ! ( The Song Celestial ) About the Land of Wisdom, extolled by Western scholars Walt Whitman said To India, to primal thought To Reason’s early paradise Of Wisdom’s birth and innocent intuitions Of a fair creation. Mark Twain said: ” India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition.” Will Durant said ” India is the mother of us all; through Sanskrit, the mother of Europe’s languages, through the Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity, through the Arabs, of higher mathematics & algebra; through the village community, of self-government and democracy. Mother India is, in many ways, the mother of us all”

Article by G Kumar, astrologer, academician & programmer of .He gives free tips at and you can subscribe to his Free Ezine

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Nice Houses for Sale in Blackfalds

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My wife and I are looking for a nice house to buy in somewhere kind of quiet and small. I think that we will try to look for blackfalds houses that are for sale at this point in time. We want to try to find a house that is for sale in Blackfalds first, because it is pretty quaint and we both decided that it would be a nice place to live. What is important is that is still close enough to where I work that I will be ale to make the commute without any serious difficulties.

I think that we are in the market for a three bedroom house, but a two bedroom house would work as well, if we can find a really good price on one. We only have one child at this point in time, and we are not really planning on having another one any time soon, if ever. As such, two bedrooms will be big enough for the foreseeable future. However, at the same time, we are both fond of the idea of having a guest room available, just in case people come to visit, or something like that.

I definitely want to find a house that is in a nice looking neighborhood, because I want my house to be surrounded by other houses that look nice. I think that is a good way to protect the value of your property. I am also hoping to purchase a decent amount of land with the house, if it does not cost me too much money. I am not sure what the property prices are like in the area, but I should probably look into that a bit. Hopefully, we will be able to find a house we both want to buy within the next couple of weeks.

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Purchase Weight Loss Supplements Like Garcinia Cambogia on Amazon

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Garcinia cambogia/ Kandis-malabar tamarindAre you looking for ways to alter your leisurely and unhealthy lifestyle? If so, it is not an easy task to accomplish. As you have lived many years of your life in a comfortable manner, it is not easy to change it in a short period of time. But, you have to make a forceful decision and stick to it. That is the only way you will alter your current chubby figure in to a fit and elegant one.

Products like garcinia cambogia on amazon can help you to alter your lifestyle in a short period of time. These all natural health supplements help you to burn excess fat at a much faster pace. This would help you to see the results of weight loss in a very short period of time. On the contrary, if you try to achieve weight loss on your own, it will take a longer route to see positive results. Thus, the chance of you losing interest in the venture and going back to your leisurely ways is a serious possibility. But, weight loss supplements can speed up the weight loss process. Thus, for every session of work outs, you will see better results. This would provide a positive energy for your accomplishment and thus persuade you to work out intensely to reach your peak shape.

Can you find weight loss supplements containing Garcinia Cambogia at reasonable rates? Yes, you can find them at very reasonable rates at Amazon and other retailers. But, money is not the sole criteria in choosing a weight loss supplement. The quality of the ingredients plays a very important part in the results gained from it. Thus, make sure that you are purchasing quality products with sufficient Garcinia Cambogia in them. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your time without the desired results.

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When is It Time to Retire?

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Fort Lauderdale Map See map details From www.nahc.orgWhen the economy was bustling and there were a lot of people reporting that they had a lot of money in the retirement funds, my friends in their early thirties were reporting that they would be able to retire in their forties. When a lot of my friends started to realize that they lost most of their retirement money in the recession, it became evident that they had to start over. They could not buy the hollywood florida condos for sale that they wanted to have when they retired. People were saying that they were upset with the economy and that they could not believe they had lost all that money. I had nothing to save for retirement so I was not affected like they were. In fact, I did not have anything to lose during the recession. This kind of made me really sad to the fact that I had not thought about my future.

I know that my parents say they will not be able to retire until they are sixty five or a little bit older, they still have a few years left before they never have to work again. I think that my father will not be able to sit still while he is retired. He may say that he does not want to work again, and I believe him, but, I am afraid of the consequences of no having anything for retirement. During talks with friends, many of them are also in the same position that I am in and I am hoping that they will be able to start saving, too. Trust me, I will start to put all the money I can aside for my retirement and I am hoping that it won’t be too little too late, it is a goal of mine.

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Want To Rock? Try These Guitar Tips And Tricks

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Practice playing by ear. Once you have the basics down, try playing without any sheet music in front of you on occasion. Listen to a song you like and attempt to replicate it. Try playing along with the radio. Getting a good ear for music is an excellent skill to build. Learn to play in time. This is essential to playing the guitar like a pro. You may have your fingering down, but you may have slight, almost inaudible pauses when you switch chords. This will greatly affect the sound of your music. Try using a metronome, a person, or a music CD. Start playing slowly and learning how to play fast as you get more comfortable with it.To make transitioning from plucking to strumming easier, practice playing double notes (two notes at the same time). Once you have chords down, you can transform chords into songs by strumming. Begin with a simple up and down pattern. After just a few tries, you can learn how to strum with a particular rhythm. Practice your strum. This will make it easier to learn and combine chords. This will also help with your transitions. Investing time to learn strumming will benefit you in many Keep Scanning

Dogs Get Fit and Lean in 2015 with Morris Animal Inns Canine Cardio Fitness and Weight Loss Camp

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New Years Resolutions Camp Combats Rising Pet Obesity and Jump Starts a Healthy Year for Canines with Aerobic Swim Sessions, Treadmill Trots, Doga, Pampering Massages, Play Sessions, Healthy Treats and More

(PRWEB) December 23, 2014 Getting fit, losing weight and reducing stress are always popular New Years resolutions for people, and now Morris Animal Inn is making sure committed canines have the same opportunity to get healthy. Pet obesity is on the rise in the United States and the luxury pet spa and resort is helping dogs jump start a more active lifestyle with its Canine Cardio Fitness Doggie Day Camp.
Canine Cardio Fitness Camp will be offered from January 12 January 16 and is designed to keep dogs active, stimulated and stress-free with treadmill trots, swim sessions in the indoor aqua center, Dogayoga for dogspampering massages, homemade treats, and more.
Pet obesity in the United States has reached epidemic proportions, with more than half of all dogs and cats classified as overweight or obese, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. An estimated 43 million dogs Keep Scanning

Check out this – Good Methods And Good Equipment Result In A Good Dog

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Exercise your dog at least an hour everyday in addition to its regular potty breaks outside. When your dog is worn out, his behavior will be better. Your dog will be happier and more responsive when he gets the exercise he needs. It is crucial to be consistent when you train your dog. Teach them single word commands and be consistent with the words such as sit, stay and speak. You should also have consistency with your tone of voice and positive reinforcement for commands that are obeyed. Feed your dog a healthy diet. The effects a bad diet has on your dog extend further than you might think. It can not only damage their health, it can also influence their behavior. Making sure your dog’s nutritional needs are met helps give them the focus that they need to be able to learn.Dogs with separation anxiety should not sleep in their human’s bed. Fido may be warm, but unfortunately, sleeping in bed often causes dogs to build unhealthy, obsessive fixations on their owners. By giving your dog a crate or bed of his own, he will have his own space and learn a little independence. Remember to exercise patience whenever Keep Scanning

Chelsea v West Ham

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Chelsea v West Ham
Event on 2014-12-26 15:00:00

at Stamford Bridge
Fulham Rd
City of London, United Kingdom Lemondrop Marriott New Years Eve Party
Event on 2014-12-31 20:00:00
New Years Eve
Please go to party website for details, reservations and payments
Forward to your Friends:
This Party sells out every year. Reserve Now!
It is open to the Public, Singles & Couples over 40
We Have Seating for over 600

LemonDrop Marriott New Years Eve Party Info
Party & Take the Elevator Home
Wed. Dec. 31 8p-1am
Marriott Irvine Hotel Ballroom
Just South of John Wayne Airport (1 block N. of Michelson)
18000 Von Karman Avenue, Irvine 92612
Only 0 til Dec. 25
Dancing 8p till 1 am
Live Band: Midwest Coast
& Laura Angelini Live
Plus DJ for Non-Stop Music

Dinner: 4 Buffet Lines 8p-10p
4 Entrees, Roast Beef, Chicken, Ham & Pasta
Gourmet Salad/Vegetable/ Bar
10pm: Dessert and Coffee Island
Eat when you want, All you want
Have 1 Entre or all 4
Wine Corkage, only
We encourage you to bring your favorite Wine,
Make it a Special evening
Free Champagne Keep Scanning

Confused About The Iphone? Read This Article

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This article should have helped you gain some knowledge and experience with your iPhone. Put that information to good use. If you can use the ideas from this article, you will be one step closer to taking advantage of everything this revolutionary device is capable of. Avoid exposing your iPhone to the sun. Direct sunlight for extended periods puts your phone at risk. The internal components are designed to endure only normal weather conditions; being in direct sunlight can cause extreme heat, especially during the summer.Cut down the brightness of your display to save the battery. You can change the brightness by going to the settings portion of your iPhone. If you do this, you can save a great amount of battery. If you want your phone to be as charged as possible, this is especially important.The command to mark one of your emails as “unread” isn’t a visible one. In the details area, there is an unread option that you must click. Once clicked, reopen the mail and it will appear unread. To get your messages, tag email accounts on the iPhone. It’s frequently convenient to view emails as they come into your inbox Keep Scanning

Cooking Class “The Incredible Edible Egg” with Chef Kristina San Filippo

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Cooking Class “The Incredible Edible Egg” with Chef Kristina San Filippo
Event on 2014-12-20 12:00:00
Grits & Greens (Egg Souffle with a blend of Cheese Grits & Sauted Greens) ~

Egg & Chickpea Scramble with Chipotle Herb Sauce ~

Vanilla Bean Pot de Creme with Berry Balsamic Sauce ~

Simple Eggs can be elevated to the featured protein of many recipes highlighting their creamy texture and satisfyingly healthy richness. All recipes will be prepared with free range and non-GMO certified eggs. Join us to learn the egg cookery techniques of a savory souffl, soft scrambled eggs and baking a pastry custard.Support This Blog By Visiting Partner Link with respect to Bet365 :Bet365

per person includes the class and a three course meal with beverage.

For reservations please contact The Good Life at (239)514-4663; seating is limited.

For more information about cooking classes and Chef Kristina San Filippo please visit:

at Good Life Cooking Store
2355 Vanderbilt Beach Road Suite 176
Naples, United States Champagne and Seafood Brunch Cruise
Event on 2014-09-28 Keep Scanning

Auto Insurance Explained In An Easy-To-Understand Format

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You need to understand the different coverage types offered when you are searching for an auto insurance policy. There is more involved in the cost of your insurance policy, than just the number of cars you have covered. The legal costs associated with things such as serious injury or death in an accident you cause are covered by bodily injury liability policies.Be cautious when you are on the road to keep your car insurance premiums low. Good driver discounts can save quite a bit of money, and are only offered to people who go a considerable amount of time without getting in a wreck. These discounts may even grow every year. It will also keep your premiums from rising. Take time to list your car’s safety features in order to get the cheapest insurance rate for your car. You will find that safety features like air bags and alarms will get you a better rate on your insurance bill because of their ability to reduce future claims. This is also true if you install these features on an older car.If you want to save on car insurance, one of the easiest things that you can do is to enroll in a course designed for defensive Keep Scanning


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A few Impressive raincoat Pictures Raincoats

Image by Fouquier
Jack Russell Terrier Dog Wear A Raincoat /

Image by DakinyBrowse AD Link relevant to Bet365 :Bet365
It was a rainy Monday afternoon. There was a Jack Russell Terrier wearing a raincoat of pink at the entrance of the drugstore Fujigaoka Station. The (she?), Seems to be waiting for his master him, but I was looking around curiously likely. When I squat in front of him, he approached, and came to say "hello :-D" The Man in the raincoat

Image by Giuseppe Martino
The Man in the raincoat Keep Scanning

How much ? – Use These Great Tips To Help Your Weight Loss Plan

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Try having a nice glass of skim milk along with breakfast, rather than juice. You will get more vitamins and minerals than you would from juice, and you will feel more full. Doing this lets you consume less food during your meals, and helps you stay full for longer periods of time. Making one change will mean all the difference in the world.By letting your child be obese, this increases their risk of being overweight throughout the rest of their life as well. Most parents would not want that to happen to their children. Help your children establish healthy eating habits when they are young. Teach your child how to read the nutrition information on foods you buy at the grocery store. They can even help to plan the meals for the family. They will appreciate this later in life. Avoid carbohydrates when you are trying to lose weight. Carbs are cheap and tasty, but not really healthy or nourishing. It takes the digestive system a long time to process carbs, so long that a great deal of the potential energy in carbohydrate-rich food is converted directly into fat instead of being burned usefully.You can improve your Keep Scanning

Yellow Pansy

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Some Magnificent India Illustrations or photos

Yellow Pansy

Image by Jkadavoor (Jee)
Yellow Pansy (Junonia hierta)
Random Partner Blogroll when it comes to Bet365 :Bet365
Taken at Kadavoor, Kerala, India
[Thanks Dr. K. Saji and Balakrishnan Valappil for the confirmation.]


Image by nandadevieast
gomati ghat, dwarka

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Your site may want to become familiar with – Tips To Understanding The Details Of Home Owner’s Insurance

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Be sure to purchase the type of homeowner’s insurance that you need, the terms can sometimes be confusing. Replacement coverage actually provides funds to rebuild your home as well as its contents in the event of loss. An actual cash value policy will not cost as much, but pays only what your home is worth at the time of your loss less depreciation for age and ordinary wear and tear.When you sign a new home insurance policy, be sure you get all the discounts available. Alarm systems that report to a central station can get you up to a 10% discount. Those over 50 can also be eligible for a discount. One of the most common discounts available is a multi-policy discount. This will help to lower the cost of both your auto and home insurance policies.Homeowner’s insurance is not only required by most lenders on a home that they are financing, it is a necessity in case you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing to file a claim. You are sure to benefit from having the insurance if a disaster should strike your home. If you are going to be considering homeowner’s insurance, a great idea is to call your Keep Scanning

Weaver Dance PVA

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Various Fun dance Illustrations Weaver Dance PVA

Image by Santiago Elliott
Dance Shoot 11/6 1 Sport Dance International Gran Canaria Gala de Baile Artistas Invitados Centro Insular de Deportes de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (21 abril 2013)

Image by El Coleccionista de Instantes
1 Sport Dance International Gran Canaria Gala de Baile Artistas Invitados Centro Insular de Deportes de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (21 abril 2013) Michael Malitowski Joanna Leuni Ivn Salgado y Adriana Torredabella.
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Ver el video : Keep Scanning

Hard Cider

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Few Wonderful cider Photographs Hard Cider

Image by djwtwo
Back in late October, I started three gallons of fresh apple cider from Noquochoke Orchards in Westport, MA in the fermenter. Now, nearly 6 months later, I have a case and a half of 12 oz. bottles of very drinkable, dry sparkling hard cider. Shot this glass of it tonight (and drink it while processing the shots.)

Nikon D7000 w/Nikkor /1.8 50mm prime. One SB-700 in 43" octabox camera right, behind and above subject, 50mm zoom, 1/2 power. Second SB-700 from the same direction, 1/10 power, 120mm zoom, through 1/4" speed grid aimed just at the glass and foreground apple. White card (with all but a 6" vertical strip blocked by a black card) camera left to add some highlight to the glass.

Color finishing, slight crop, and a bit of sharpening and detail added in Aperture.

For the brewers out there:

Initial ferment:
Random Sponsor Contribution meant for Bet365 :Bet365
3 US gallons of UV pasteurized sweet cider
10 oz. turbinado sugar
10 oz. grade A dark amber Vermont maple syrup
1 package Safale US-05 ale yeast (Fermentis)
1 Keep Scanning

How I come across – Fix Your Roof By Checking Out These Tips

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Always have your contractor outline your roofing project. He should speak about materials, clean-up, costs and other issues. This will give you a better understanding of what is going on. If you think that they didn’t give enough good information or that they’re vague, you should go with a different contractor. As you can see, roof repair does not have to be a difficult concept. You can easily make repairs to your roof, so do not wait another second. Utilize the excellent advice presented to you in the above article so that you can repair your roof problems and enjoy your home. See if your roofer offers a warranty. Even if you’re working with an excellent contractor, mistakes can happen, and you want to be sure you’re covered. Typically, most roofers offer warranties for roof replacements, but not the cost of replacements. See what’s available, consider it when you’re deciding who you should work with. Make sure your roofing contractor has a safety plan. You should ask a contractor for their safety plan before letting them work on your home. These plans are vital for making sure your project is completed. They Keep Scanning

Bpmonline included in the Market Overview: Enterprise Sales Force Automation Solutions report by an independent research firm

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Bpmonline, a world-class vendor of process-driven cloud software for sales, marketing and service automation, has been included in a December, 2014 report titled Market Overview: Enterprise Sales Force Automation Solutions by Forrester Research, a global research and advisory firm, providing advice on existing and potential impact of technology.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) December 20, 2014 The report explains how sales professionals can benefit from sales force automation (SFA) solutions, specifies the main SFA market players and the types of solutions they provide. The study focuses on the key idea of how these solutions can help sales reps to be more effective and efficient in their role, close more deals and drive revenue growth.
According to Forrester Research, the SFA market is undergoing significant change with increasing emphasis on mobile sales capability, integration with other software platforms, real-time actionable insight, and usability approaching that of consumer-grade applications.
Forrester Research analysts cited bpmonline sales application as an attractive choice for companies with Keep Scanning

Urban Orchard Project Pruning Workshop

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Urban Orchard Project Pruning Workshop
Event on 2015-01-18 10:00:00
>>> FREE training opportunity <<<Come along to beautiful Fryent Country Park in North West London and help us prune a young established orchard (700+ trees!).We will provide training in correct pruning techniques and you will have ample opportunity to practice with expert supervision.Hot drinks provided. Bring packed lunch, warm outdoor clothes, secateurs and gloves if you have them. 10min walk from Kingsbury Tube. Turn left out of the station and then left at the roundabout onto Fryent Way. Continue until you pass the pedestrian crossing lights and we will be in the lay-by on your left.

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Fryent Way
The Hyde, United Kingdom Wednesdayite Coach – Fulham vs SWFC
Event on 2014-12-20 08:00:00
Sheffield Wednesday will be travellingto Craven Cottage for the Owls' Championship game v Fulhamon Saturday 20th December 2014.Kick off is at 3pmand a Wednesdayite Coach service will be departing from the Wednesdayite Car Park, Penistone Keep Scanning

About three Tips – Getting The Most From Social Media Marketing

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One excellent method of increasing your followers is offering coupons and exclusive discounts to them. You’ll make your customers feel special when they get exclusive discounts and this will increase your sales. Letting your employees have blogs on your website is a great way to use social media to promote your company. Your customers can get unique insights and views of the internal operations of your business. It allows them a personal glance into your business culture and the day to day operations of your organization. Letting customers see what goes on inside is a great way to get them to put more trust into your business. Maintain different Facebook accounts for your own personal use, and for work. Professional contacts shouldn’t have the ability to access information about which games you have played or see family pictures from your vacation. If you use your real name for your professional Facebook page, use a nickname on your personal page, so that people won’t find that page in a search.If you have been looking for a way to connect with your customers and clients on a simpler and personal level, then Keep Scanning

Tiles,tile choices

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Natural stone flooring is very popular and decorates any room with a beautiful, elegant finish. Years ago stone flooring was used throughout the home for its durability and versatility. These days stone flooring is as popular as ever and is used in kitchens, bathrooms and living areas.
Years ago stone flooring was hard to come by because of the exhausting and lengthy process of preparing the stone, these days stone tiles are readily available and come in many different shapes and sizes. Stone tiles are also extremely affordable which makes them a popular choice with homeowners.
Limestone tiles are a good choice because they come in many different patterns and shapes which will suit any particular room and surroundings. Granite tiles are great for large areas such as the kitchen where there is lots of activity going on. Granite tiles are durable, strong and come in different colours to suit any particular room.
If you are serious about stone tiling the first aspect of any tiling job is to consider the different types of stone and their qualities. We have mentioned Granite and limestone and another stone Keep Scanning

Completely reliable – In Regards To Laptops, We Have The Best Tips

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Now that you understand more about buying the laptop you need, the next step is to make use of this knowledge as you shop. Check out all of your options and then determine which is best suited to the uses you have in mind for it. Once you bring it home, only great things will come to you.You may like the convenience of buying a laptop in a retail store, where you can see and feel what you are getting. Ordering online, though, offers some real advantages. You can custom order each laptop component to better suit your needs and usually the overall price is lower as well. Always check battery life expectations for a laptop. If you are often on the go, having the longest battery life possible will be imperative. The specs that you see for battery usage can often refer to a laptop running at minimal settings. Look at the specs and judge this based on your expected needs.When using your laptop for extended periods of time, perhaps long gaming sessions, always be weary of the temperature on the inside. More than likely, if it is getting too hot you will feel the heat on your lap or the desk the laptop is on. An overheated Keep Scanning

Great Advice About Taking Care Of Cats

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A cat can do a lot of damage to your furniture with its claws. If you have problems with a cat that shreds furniture, invest in a durable scratching post. Use catnip or other scents that are attractive to your kitty to encourage him to go there. This solution might take time to take, but it will help in the end.Get a scratching post to keep your cat from tearing up your carpet. If you can, get a post that does not have the same type of carpet that is on the floor of your home, so your cat doesn’t associate the two. Instead, get a post that is covered in cardboard, sisal, or thick rope. Consider those expensive cat litter boxes. There are cat litter boxes now that allow you to have minimal interaction with them. This can be great for anyone who is tired of cleaning a litter box. But be careful, as they may not work as easily as they claim to. If you can, make sure there is a return policy and don’t lose the receipt. You may find you prefer the old-fashioned style! Now, not only can your cat be the biggest and baddest feline in the neighborhood, it can also be the cleanest cat in town. You might get lucky and Keep Scanning

Spooky fog cloaked graveyard

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Various Neat cloak Illustrations Spooky fog cloaked graveyardHead Over to Sponsor AD meant for Pinnacle Sports -Pinnacle Sports

Image by hugovk
See where this picture was taken [?] New Years Mourning Cloak

Image by Vickis Nature
I never expected to see a butterfly when we went for a walk in the woods today, but if there was going to be one – it would be a Mourning Cloak! They over-winter and come out on warm days to sun. This is a large butterfly with pale yellow trim in warmer weather, looking gilded now as it basked on a log after gliding thru the woods like a large, brown and gold leaf! What a treat. (It was 60oF today)
Pls View Large

Explore, Dec. 29, 2008 @ 403, 105, seen @ 71

Winner, Natures Pot-of-Gold challenge, nature shot in last 48 hrs. 12-08
Winner, Beautiful Challenge Group 10, shades of brown 12-08 Cloaked Predator

Image by ElDave Keep Scanning

Caseco Launches Blu-Toque Winter Hats with Built-in Bluetooth Headset and Microphone

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The Blu-Toque, a Bluetooth-enabled hat that can be used to listen to music and take calls is Toronto-based mobile accessory firm Casecos latest offering. Featuring a stylish knitted design in 5 different varieties, the Blu-Toque contains a lightweight Bluetooth speaker module that connects to users phones and other Bluetooth devices.

Toronto ON (PRWEB) December 18, 2014 Caseco, the innovative mobile accessory brand has launched Blu-Toque, the Bluetooth-enabled winter hat that can be used for music and phone calls.
Caseco has been in the mobile accessory business since 2011, with a growing and loyal customer base in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Their product line has traditionally included flashy, high-quality cases for the latest Apple and Android phones. A slew of charging accessories and various wireless gadgets follow. With Blu-Toque, Caseco hopes to capitalize on the wearable device trend this winter.
People need a way to use their headphones without getting cold or tangled in the wires, says Jay Rahman, Casecos CEO. Blu-Toque is the perfect solution for that. It comes with built in earphones Keep Scanning

Stop Letting Anxiety Limit Your Life: Some Tips That Can Help

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A great way to curb feelings of anxiety is to engage in watching a funny movie or show that you like. Viewing this type of movie will not only help you to laugh and put things in perspective, but it also allows you to forget what was making you feel anxious in the first place.Go out on an adventure, you deserve it. When you create a memorable experience that you can reflect back upon, you become that much less anxious. This is because, you realize that life is, and can be good, and it doesn’t have to be filled with anxiety every waking minute.If you do not put some type of positive interaction in between you and your anxiety, it will continue to grow. No matter what you decide to do, when an anxiety attack occurs, try remaining positive about everything that goes through your mind. When something negative occurs, turn it into something positive.Write a letter to your greatest fear about why you are so worried about it. Be sure to write exactly why it is making you feel that way and how it is affecting you. Now write a hate letter to your greatest anxiety, then battle it through the letter and dismiss it! Consider Keep Scanning

Coal miner

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Various Helpful miner Pics Coal miner

Image by Adventures with my dogs
Miner comming out from underground after his shift Miners Castle

Image by James Marvin Phelps
Miners Castle Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
Munising, Michigan
Fall 2004

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Miners Castle, with ice and kayaks

Image by yooperann
In the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Featured as the picture of the day in MIchigan in Pictures. Thanks, Andrew!… Keep Scanning

A Plethora Of Ideas For Massage Excellence

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Make sure you ask questions when getting a massage. Your therapist should be more than happy to answer any questions you have. You probably would like to feel comfortable with the massage therapist, which is why it is important to ask any questions you have. Massage therapy is known for providing relaxation and rejuvenation, depending on a particular context. Research can help you learn more about what massage can do. With any luck, the article above has provided a great starting point. You may need to remove undergarments for your massage. If this makes you uncomfortable, then you don’t have to strip naked. Wear a thong or briefs so that you don’t have to be completely naked. North American facilities require that the subject cover up with a towel.It is important to share any problem areas you are having with your massage therapist. The main goal of getting a massage is for muscles to relax, especially in the areas where they feel tightest. Your therapist is probably not a mind reader, so always let them know before starting the massage where you need the most help.You do not need a lot of money to get a message. Keep Scanning